>Your gutter system is designed to capture and divert water away from your foundation. However, debris such as leaves and branches along as well as nesting critters, like Mr. Squirrel seen here, can prevent your gutters from functioning properly. Gutter or Leaf guards are designed to prevent leaves, pine needles, twigs and Mr. Squirrel from interfering with the proper water flow in the system.

Homeowners have a wide variety of options when choosing gutters guards and there are many factors to consider based off the potential debris around your home. At The Gutter Company we have installed many types of gutter/leaf protection and with feedback from our customers we’ve narrowed it down to two guards that outperform the rest:

Senox Smart Flow

Smart Flow is a perforated aluminum gutter guard made from flat sheets of aluminum that are formed into shape by a roll forming machine. It has a profile which consists of a wavy surface with a series of punched holes in the panel so water can flow through the guard into the gutter. It is ideal for blocking large flat leaves from deciduous trees but generally unsuitable for smaller debris such as pine needles, berries, and asphalt shingle grit. Smart Flow is available for 6” or 7” gutter in white or black.



Leaf Blaster Pro

Leaf Blaster Pro designed by “Gutter Glove” is the ultimate in gutter protection your home. Boosting a 40-year warranty against defects this guard will outperform all others for blocking debris such as pine needles, leaves, shingle grit and pest such as mosquitoes and wasp which create nest in your gutters.

The guard is made from stainless steel micro-mesh which avoids warping and rusting like so many other guards on the market. The micro-mesh screen has a z-bend wave which lifts debris off the mesh so it can blow of naturally and improve water flow. The front trough of the guard acts as a motivator for the water to go straight into the gutter rather than dripping over the side creating black streaks on your gutter.

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