How To Fix Clogged Gutters

By October 21, 2021Uncategorized

The world has been wondering how to fix clogged gutters for millennia!

The story of rain gutters started with the Indus Valley civilization during the years 3000 BC to 1500 BC. Gutters will built from clay bricks, which are less than ideal for today’s applications.

The story continues with the Romans from 27 BC to 14 AD. The first turning point in the history of gutters was in 47 AD when the Romans brought gutters to Britain. The standard architecture for buildings at the time changed due to the spread of the Norman Empire. By the 10th to 13th centuries, stone roofs and parapets became common. Gargoyles became the only gutter system around.

In the 1700s, cast iron became a very cheap and prevalent material. Cast iron replaced lead as the main material used to make gutters. Additionally, wood gutters became common among high-end homes and public buildings. This style remained through the 20th century.

During the 20th century, metal rolling machines were invented, and so installation of half round steel gutters began. In the 1960s, the seamless gutter machine was invented. Aluminum became the primary material used for gutter systems.

Throughout all the changes made to gutters over time, one issue has still prevailed: the collection of debris that prevents gutters from working properly. This is because the design of the outlet (the hole in the gutter that leads to the downspout) has always remained the same.

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