Rain Chains

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Turn your gutter system into a statement piece with the addition of rain chains!

The Basics

Rain chains originated in Japan, 100s of years ago. The typical materials used for a rain chain are copper, brass or aluminum. They help move water from gutters to a designated area on the ground, like a traditional downspout. During this process, the water flowing down the rain chain provides elegant water formations that catch the eye, and calming sounds.

The Science Behind Rain Chains

Water molecules are very cohesive and they want to stick to one another, often creating what appears as a “skin” on the surface of water, allowing bugs to float on top of water, or keeping water from spilling over the edge of a cup. The same idea applies to a rain chain. Surface tension allows the water to cling to the chains as it flows toward the ground. This surface tension is important to keeping splashing to a minimum, preventing damage to your home.

What Happens Once Water Reaches The Ground?

Many rain chains include a drainage system at the end of the chain. This is often a basin or barrel that collects rainwater.

Styles of Rain Chains

The two most common styles of a rain chain are link-style and cup-style. Link-style (pictured) cost less than cup-style. However, a cup-style rain chain presents a more eye-catching design, thought to be more upscale. Additionally, the cups help to minimize splashing even further.

The design options are endless! Rain chains come in many different colors, depending on their material. Aluminum provides a silvery look, whereas copper provides a pink/orange look. Keep your eye out for hand-crafted rain chains, made from unconventional materials too, for you a unique addition to your home.

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