Soffit and Fascia Installation

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The Gutter Company offers gutter installation, as well as soffit and fascia installation.

What are soffit and fascia?Soffit and Fascia

Located in the eaves of a house, soffit can be thought of as siding underneath the roof’s overhang. It is typically the same color or design as the siding on the sides of the house. Soffit contains small vents that allow for the movement of air between the roof and attic. This prevents mold formation and allows heat to leave the home during the summer. Soffit can also keep pests out of your home.

Fascia can be considered the siding located directly above the soffit, or the exposed board on the front of the overhang. Fascia supports the bottom row of shingles or tiles on the roof, and gutter systems. More likely to catch the eye than soffit, fascia also provides visual appeal to a home.

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