Answering Your Copper Gutter FAQs

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Wanting more information on glamorous copper gutters? The Gutter Company is here to answer your FAQs!


What copper products does The Gutter Company offer?

The Gutter Company offers installation of both K-style and half round copper gutters, and other accessories such as conductor heads.


copper gutter

Half Round Copper Gutters

How does the price compare to that of aluminum gutters?

The price up-front is higher than that of aluminum gutters, however, the per-year cost of copper gutters equals to be the same as gutters made from other materials due to their long life span.


What are the benefits of copper gutters?

Copper gutters don’t rust! This gives copper gutters their long life span of 60-100 years.

Copper gutters increase your home’s value! The look as well as the longevity of copper gutters will help your property stand out on the market. They are a great fit for historic properties, and custom or traditional homes.


How will my copper gutters change with time?

When first installed, copper gutters will appear very shiny. With time, their color will change, adding to the elegance and classiness they give to a home.

Additionally, because copper gutters won’t rust, it’s more likely that they will have to be replaced due to visual imperfections and denting caused by tree branches or ladders, than due to leaking problems.


How can I take care of my copper gutters?

The best way to make sure your copper gutters are properly functioning is to keep the inside of your copper gutters clear of debris. We offer Gutter Guard for your copper gutters too, which sits on top the gutters and helps protect against the collection of leaves and other debris inside. It is also recommended to use plastic tools and wear gloves to clean out debris. Metal tools will scratch the gutter and oils from skin will leave spots on the gutters.


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