Gutter Cleaning Tips

By February 14, 2022Uncategorized
Cleaning your gutters? See below for some tips:

(1) Use plastic tools

Metal tools can scratch your gutter! Special scoops specifically designed for gutter cleaning are available at hardware stores, but you can also use a plastic child’s sand shovel, or even a plastic kitchen spatula.

(2) Wear gloves

Protect your hands from any debris inside your gutters. Also, oils from your skin can leave spots on copper gutters.

gutter cleaning(3) Have a bag or bucket handy

You’ll need somewhere to hold the debris for easy disposal later.

(4) Rinse your gutters with water

Use a hose to flush out the gutters and wash out any remaining debris

(5) Get help from The Gutter Company

Take advantage of our professional gutter cleaning services!

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